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Sunday, 13 November 2011


Being in Hong Kong for the build up of Christmas seems so strange, I LOVE the hustle and excitement in London, and other than the odd Christmas in Greece I have spent every build up in London, this year I will not be arriving back till the 23rd. I am so looking forward to it! I love Hong Kong, but I miss the comfy, country chic buildings and architecture England has.

House of Siren

New Work. Introduction to working with event planning and costume design. Smirnoff Vodka Event. The Grand Stage, Western Market, Hong Kong.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Virtual Interview

A lovely wedding planning company here in Hong Kong has asked me to design a fictional wedding, based on a real client they are dealing with as a way of accessing my potential to work there. The brief of ideas I put forward was a lot more detailed than this, including food, day plans and all the little details, here is a snippet of my favourite and main ideas. Enjoy. x
50 guests * England based * Summer * Not religious. Open to outside. * Dress - sheer, vintage, embroidered, light creme with light gold detailing * Colour theme - whites and pinks, nothing bright * 4 bridesmaids aged between 5 and 12, dresses, light creme *
Location Wedding is held outside. At a big country house, there is a English country meets summery laid back vibe. All chairs are mismatched, English or French antique style, wooden frames, either natural base colour or painted creme,white or light pink. Some may have embroidered cushioning. There is a trail of very light pink rose petals littering the makeshift aisle.
Reception The after section of the wedding is held at the same location. Guests enter through the front of the building onto the grounds where after the ceremony there is a section laid out for dining, speeches, dancing and mingling. The theme is still very prevalent, mismatched chairs, crockery and cutlery. The centerpieces are simple, clear glass vases of all different shapes and sizes with a few delicately places flowers, the same that are in the bouquets. To add extra beautiful touches there will be hanging glass chandeliers with tea lights, the occasional creme lantern and clear glass flower vases dangling from trees.
Invites and favors Simple, elegant and delicate. Naturally light pinkish stamps and butterflies would be used to match rest of the theme. As a momento a vintage typewriter would be placed by the main entrance of the building for guests to type their good wishes and notes. Black ink onto creme paper. This would then be bound together with thin gold sting. Also there would be a retro style polaroid camera for the guests to snap a photograph to attach to their note.
Additional details A creme Austin Healey 3000, traditional British car drops the bride to her wedding.
The party would be descending into the evening, and their would live music romantic (no cheese) No specific dance floor as such but an area ringed with petals that match the ones on the aisle. The garden is lit up with clear fairylights around the surrounding bushes and the lanterns/chandelier light will shine all through the evening. There is a large pond/lake on the grounds with a few floating rose heads and candles dotted around.

christmas!! !!

Its not even November and I cant stop my excitement for Christmas. I LOVE every single thing about it. The lights, decorations, shopping, food. Especially the food. My excitement is already driving the boyfriend mad, scrooge. I want to delete this whole month and for December to be starting already.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Having been applying for various jobs whilst in Hong Kong, I have tried to stick to what I love most - model booking. It is proving more difficult than thought however, visas/language issues being the more major problems. My dream job would be to own a little modelling agency, similar to Models Plus. Ideally I planned on being in HK for two years maximum and then heading back to good old London, getting a few more years experience and then opening my own. I had visions of a lovely and unique children's agency. Mainly because I have a penchant still for toys! Toy soldiers, vintage dolls, train sets, all the old fashioned beauties. Here in Hong Kong the markets are brimming with baby and children toys/accessories/furniture and there are hundreds of cosy little shops specialising in children's attire. Don't assume this means I've turned all broody, because it does not! Ever since I visited a specialist toy shop in the South of France I have been secrelty obsessed with toys, its no secret I love clutter and this place was an Aladdins cave of puppets, life size figurines, doll's house objects and porcelain dolls. Working at Models Plus I enjoyed the children's campaigns the most. The little accessories and locations seemed so much more special. My secret ambition will not die easily. I have put the desire to work at a children's agency to the back of my mind as any sort of job seems important at the moment but with campaigns, boutiques and images like the ones below I am sure I will continue to be inspired by the children's market.