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Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Having been applying for various jobs whilst in Hong Kong, I have tried to stick to what I love most - model booking. It is proving more difficult than thought however, visas/language issues being the more major problems. My dream job would be to own a little modelling agency, similar to Models Plus. Ideally I planned on being in HK for two years maximum and then heading back to good old London, getting a few more years experience and then opening my own. I had visions of a lovely and unique children's agency. Mainly because I have a penchant still for toys! Toy soldiers, vintage dolls, train sets, all the old fashioned beauties. Here in Hong Kong the markets are brimming with baby and children toys/accessories/furniture and there are hundreds of cosy little shops specialising in children's attire. Don't assume this means I've turned all broody, because it does not! Ever since I visited a specialist toy shop in the South of France I have been secrelty obsessed with toys, its no secret I love clutter and this place was an Aladdins cave of puppets, life size figurines, doll's house objects and porcelain dolls. Working at Models Plus I enjoyed the children's campaigns the most. The little accessories and locations seemed so much more special. My secret ambition will not die easily. I have put the desire to work at a children's agency to the back of my mind as any sort of job seems important at the moment but with campaigns, boutiques and images like the ones below I am sure I will continue to be inspired by the children's market.

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