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Monday, 3 October 2011

1940's retro

The Miu Miu collection and advertising campaign is beautiful!  perhaps biased as I have always loved the glamorous and style conscious era's dress code.  The 1940s was a decade when war ravaged the world and women came into their own, making significant contributions to the war effort whilst going to great lengths to maintain all the glamour they could; painting tea on legs to look like stockings and scrupulously collecting ration coupons so they could buy a single item of clothing. 
I have attached some images that show fashion and war heroines of the 1940's and examples of  1940's inspired fashion.

There are two ways to go with the 1940s look for AW11. Firstly, there is total commitment. Essentially this involves adopting not just the clothing but also the beauty routine. Full adoption means not leaving the house without a full face of make-up, including the most scarlett lips and blackest flicks of eyeliner, and painstakingly styled hair.

Badgley Mischka AW11 show was full of high-glamour 30s and 40s looks. Hair and make-up was high maintainance and true to the period
Miu Miu and Jonathan Saunders cited the 1940's style to perfection in my opinion.  References are there, and not so much subtle, but models did not look like they were on their way to a 1940's themed party!
 Miu Miu referenced the victory waves of 1940s hair but by keeping it straight and leaving make-up to a bare minimum, this had 2011 written all over it.  Jonathan Saunders did the same, but had occasional splashes of colour and incongruous print that made his collection very 2011. 
For me the 1940's style is ideal, mid length skirts and tea dresses are right up my street!  The tea dress is a classic anyway, so I already own a few, but I will most definitely be making the most of the seasons style trend and stocking up! 
Although I find turbans very glamorous, and when worn right make a woman look very stylish, they are one trend I am just not brave enough for, I would simply feel like a berk.  It to me represents the 1970's mostly, with just a gentle nod to the 40's.
Charlotte Taylor a/w 2011
Being in Hong Kong I have just stumbled across the most delightful market in Sheung Wan where they sold broaches aplenty.  I 100% want to make the most of this.  
One shop I stumbled across happily is Select 18 in Soho.  Any Hong Kongers out there need to visit.  I was with the boyfriend today, so didnt really want to poke around, but I can't wait to get back and have a good rummage.

And for highstreet 1940's styles already coming out, I've come across a few beauts.  This tea dress is 38 pounds from warehouse, I need!

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