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Monday, 17 October 2011


The past few days have been rather busy, I've been dragging the boyfriend to lots of little Hong Kong get aways and gems I've heard about. This post is dedicated solely to things I've come across the past few days that I've loved. HONG KONG PARK Although pretty well known it was so nice to be away from all the bustle of the main city. Whilst inside it was amazing to think about how close you were to the busy roads and sardine streets. Inside the park is a wonderful bird aviary (which if you have read my blog previously, you will know I love birds at the moment!) where they are literally a milisecond away from you.
As well as the exotic bird area there are a lot of water features and lakes. Boasting some pretty fantastic waterfalls too!
TEA!! Possibly my favourite thing in the world anyway, and thats when its just bog standard Earl Grey, here the tea is so beautiful. I came across Lok Cha Tea house today. It was lovely inside and out, in a low, normal building, not a high rise block. Almost impossible in Central Hong Kong! They have a live Chinese music session every Sunday which I am determined to go to. I love that the place seems to celebrate its culture more so than the majority of places I've visited so far. The art work and interior was gorgerous.
FISH at Lamma Island I personally loved Lamma Island. A lot of reviews I've read have said that its dirty and horrible, and although some parts are nowhere near as sanitised as Hong Kong's more westernised areas I think to call it dirty is a bit harsh. It was rural, and much more natural. The walk up the mountains was quite tough (bearing in mind I am the unfittest of the unfit) but it was well worth it. I loved the views, I loved the beach and dont get me started on the food.

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