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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

So arriving in Hong Kong I immediately set out to do the standard touristy sights.  I expected to not really enjoy the trekking around in extreme humidity, but after discovering all the markets there was no stopping me.  The boyfriend had to trawl around after me for hours on end as I dragged him round.
I love how there are rows upon rows of roads dedicated to flowers, goldfish and little songbirds.

Yuen Po Street Bird Garden
The bird market was so charming.  Settled in a Chinese style garden it seemed bird owners and sellers had gathered here to showcase their beloved birds in intricately carved cages.
I had always loved the idea of having a bird, until I spent a Summer in Greece where birds were a usual, almost mandatory pet to have in the more rural farmland areas.  I slept in a room that was also home to a small bird trapped in a tiny wire cage.  It was heartbreaking to see it in there, so I was hesitant to visit the bird market in case I was greeted with similar things.  Yes, some birds were crammed into their cages but most had luxurious beautifully crafted bird cages that would sell as expensive household ornaments.  The boyfriend has promised I can have a little multicoloured bird, and I will be holding him to this as soon as I have made our balcony ready.
I LOVE balconys and the idea of filling ours with hundreds of mismatched pots brimming with brightly coloured flowers.  

The bird garden has aroused a huge new founded passion for all things bird-y with me now.

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