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Monday, 22 August 2011

Little Miss Sunshine

Something about child stars fascinates me, they're like real life dolls.
Having become obsessed with the TV programme that showcases pushy parents I googled child stars aimlessly, and was shocked when I discovered the horrific fate of Jon Benet.

When the six-year-old beauty queen was murdered, police were sure her parents were guilty - only to see them cleared. Now, 12 years and 100 suspects later, disturbing doubts remain... and the family face new questions.

As a veteran of the child beauty pageant circuit, the precocious six-year-old had amassed two dozen trophies and titles, including America’s Royal Miss Colorado, State All-Star Kids Cover Girl, Little Miss Merry Christmas, Little Miss Sunburst and the National Tiny Miss Beauty.
Then, in a crime that made headlines around the world, the body of JonBenet Ramsey was found in the basement of her family home. The little girl had been sexually assaulted, her skull fractured and then strangled with a makeshift garotte.
It was a brutal murder but one that the police had every confidence they could solve quickly.
In fact, years since the body was found, the case remains unsolved. So perplexing has it been that a taskforce was set up to re-examine every shred of evidence to see if finally the person responsible could be brought to justice. To many who know the case well, it seems not just a long-shot but well-nigh impossible.
The theories about the killer have varied from known sex offenders and serial killers to psychopathic drifters. But one theory has dominated the investigation throughout and still — despite public statements by the police to the contrary — continues to overshadow all other inquiries: was JonBenet brutally murdered by her own parents?

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