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Saturday, 25 June 2011


V magazine, March 2011 Photography Sebastian Faena Styling Carlyne de Dudzeele
In France, she’s known as “the creature,” a beauty with curves so outrageous they border on otherworldly. But Zahia Dehar is also an example of the body as weapon—the source of a very public scandal involving 3 of Europe’s best soccer players. In a world exclusive interview, the controversial 19-year-old bombshell and modern-day Mary Magdalene speaks about her feminine wiles and her secrets to seduction.

V What do you like to wear to bed?
ZD Sexy lingerie only!
V What is your secret to seduction?
ZD For me, a woman should not approach a man. She should give him the opportunity to court her. Being beautiful, gentle, and pleasant to be with is just about all a woman needs to seduce.
V The French press talks a lot about your upcoming projects. There are rumors about lingerie, perfume, clothing lines. Can you share anything about your future plans?
ZD The French press says a lot of things about me. [Laughs] It’s still a bit too early for me to talk about my plans. Let’s just say that what I’ve been imagining for years is coming to life.
V What do you hope to achieve?
ZD I have often dreamed of outfits, accessories, and other ornamental items that serve as a tribute to femininity. Today these dreams are becoming a reality that I can wear and share with women who, like me, want to celebrate their femininity.

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