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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Ever since I watched "Mi Vida Loca" (Allison Anders flick) I've been occupied by my obsession for cholas. I've tried endlessly to arrange fancy dress parties so I can fulfill my dream of dressing like a chola. 
This halloween, regardless of where I go and with who, I am a chola.

My fascination with Chola styles has got me claiming my Latino side (past life: Latin heritage) which has me speaking in spanish on the net and in my everyday life. From my 'Locas' 2 my LOCO, to calling my friends my homegirls.

A lot of people label cholas as large hooped wearing, felt tip pen drawn-on eyebrows with too strong a love for lip liners gansters.  But I find so much beauty in this culture, I do hope however one day I manage to refrain from whilst getting ready drunk deciding last minute to channel my inner chola and don the hoops and eyeliner, posing by throwing up gangsigns.

A lot of people via the stereotype piece together a negative image of chola's.  To me they represent women who are independant and fierce. Viva de la Cholitas!

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